Yeti Sensation

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Yeti Sensation
2.3 (46.17%) 81 votes

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A yeti is on the run! Oh wait, you’re the yeti! You need to run as far as you can – are you ready?

In Yeti Sensation, you play as a yeti running away from the media and the press. In this adventure running game, you need to move from three lanes to get your yeti as far as physically possible. Boost up your high score by using the power-up dotted around on the track. Meanwhile, avoid all of the obstacles – traps, cameras, giant snowballs – that will end your run. Use your mouse to move from each lane in this fun and free online game.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser
Developer: Gemioli

Yeti Sensation
2.3 (46.17%) 81 votes

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