Taxi Gone Wild

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Taxi Gone Wild
2.5 (50.59%) 17 votes

Game controls

Player 1:
space Jump


Taxi Gone Wild is a free online Car game which incorporates a whole lot of Driving, but the only thing you’re Racing against is the clock. As it ticks down, each level becomes progressively harder with more obstacles (useless other drivers who respect the rules of the road, traveling with small children, pets, household items, and other precious goods at a suitable speed down the highway) and less time to complete the level. The controls aren’t complicated, but you’ll want to use that brake of yours in Taxi Gone Wild, otherwise, your Taxi is gonna end up a big smoking pile of metal.

Tips and tricks for Taxi Gone Wild? Like we said, use your brake, please. There’s no need to go ramming into the back of someone if your Taxi somehow magically has the capability to fly straight over the roofs of other cars. Move left to right appropriately and avoid the edge of the road. Your Taxi seems keen to be flying along the highway and does get a little excited when it flips from place to place, so watch out for unexpected twists to your driving. Either way, you’re sure to get a kick out of these free online Car game.

Taxi Gone Wild
2.5 (50.59%) 17 votes
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