Tank Trouble 2

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Tank Trouble 2
2.3 (46.67%) 69 votes

Game controls

Player 1:
e Up
d Down
s Left
f Right
q Shoot
Player 2:
au Up
ad Down
al Left
ar Right
m Shoot
Player 3:


Tank Trouble 2 is a free online Multiplayer & Aim game you can play with your friends. For up to 3 players on the same PC, this game is a great way to pass time in a dull school lunch break. Each player only needs a max of 4 keys, some for moving, one for shooting. The premise is to eliminate your opponent (or both your opponents if you’re playing as 3) using a combination of skill Aim shots and general pure luck. Each shot rebounds from your basic weapon and so those bouncing projectiles can cause a lot of havoc.

Ah yes, basic weapon. There are plentiful power-ups that constantly spawn around the map in Tank Trouble 2. There are rockets, machines guns, and even lasers. Use this arsenal to wipe out your opponent and fight your way towards victory by denying your enemies a chance to use them as well. You’ll find that the majority of the power-ups are a significant upgrade to your regular weapon so they’re definitely worth going after if you can dodge your enemy’s projectiles.

Tank Trouble 2 is an awesome free online game that has cleverly allowed you to play with your friends in real life. Awesome!

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Tank Trouble 2
2.3 (46.67%) 69 votes
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