Super Mario

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Super Mario
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Super Mario Walks 3 is a free online Platform Puzzle game with interesting mechanics and fun music. Mario just doesn’t stop walking, so you’ll have to stop him in his tracks and use the environment to your advantage. Although somewhat lacking the technical brilliance of traditional Mario games (including the amazing soundtrack, complex gameplay, and satisfying level design), you still get some of the appeals of classic Mario games in Super Mario Walks 3. Don’t expect anything hugely groundbreaking, but it is a fun little game that is also quite challenging.

We are a big fan of free online Platform games and there are some incredible games out there. You can judge for yourself where Super Mario Walks 3 stands in that lineup, you might be surprised with how addictive these types of games can be. Especially if they present you with a challenge.

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Super Mario
3.1 (61.99%) 151 votes

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