Sumo Slam

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Sumo Slam
4.4 (88.33%) 108 votes

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In Sumo Slam try to become the reigning champ and bounce your opponents off the cliff edge with your massive heavyweight belly. Sumo fighting is an ancient tradition, join the ranks of the Rikishi using the arrow keys in this fighting game where you need to be the last Sumo standing.

‘Journey mode’ allows you to travel through the sumo world and try to place first on every level. Completing a level will unlock the location in ‘Multiplayer mode’, so invite your friends to join in with you, and see who can remain atop the Sumo mountain. Too strong for your friends? In ‘Endurance mode’ see how long you can last before being knocked off your perch with endlessly spawning Sumo wrestlers. Developed by Orange Games, in Sumo Slam grapple your way to the top.

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Sumo Slam
4.4 (88.33%) 108 votes
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