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Sailor Moon Dressup

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Sailor Moon Dressup
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With her flowing blonde hair down to her ankles, a nautical get up, and a team of Sailor Soldiers behind her she is ready for anything. In Sailor Moon Dress up, join her Sailor Moon team by dressing up and customising your own favourite anime character in this easy girls doll online game. Choose from different characters and select their dress, boots and accessories.

You don’t ever have to leave middle school, and the millennium never has to arrive. Bring back the colour from this 90s kids manga series, made by

Many young boys grew up fantasizing about Sailor Moon and her pals. Now you have the chance to do it all over again with this provocative game.

Game features:

  • Great graphics with plenty of color
  • Favorite of Anime fans

Available on:

Web Browser

Sailor Moon Dressup
3.6 (71.67%) 36 votes

How to Play

Free Online Guide To The Fabulous World Of The Sailor Moon Dress Up Game!

Play this free online dress up game if you are a Sailor Moon fan! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

sailor moon dress up title

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sailor Moon!

I don’t know anything about Sailor Moon. Not a single fact. The name did not even conjure up the slightest of recollection in my active, or dormant mind. It was like being confronted with the words “Polio Goose”; both of the words were familiar to me, but in such close proximity to each other they caused utter and dumbfounded perplexion. Like a said, nothing. When my co-workers discovered this bit of juicy information, I was mocked, belittled, and generally shunned. Phrases like “What did you do during your adolescence?” and “Have you been living under a rock?” was bandied around without any regards for the impact they might have on my fragile psyche.

So I did the only thing I could, and went and read up about Sailor Moon. It took way longer than I expected. Seems that I have been living under a rock. How else could I have missed the phenomenon that is Sailor Moon? I mean, this highly popular manga franchise generated over $5 billion in merchandise sales! It’s no small wonder then, given the popularity of this series, that it spawned loads of other media, from advertising to free online games, both solicited and unsolicited. Fascinated by this previously unknown avenue of entertainment I chose to have a gander at one the most popular genres of free online games, the dress up game. So without any further ado, I give you Sailor Moon Dress Up, a free dress up game you can play right now, in your browser, with no download required!

sailor moon dress up sailor mercury

Oops! Let me give you some time to get dressed!

You are my (Sailor) Moon and Stars! - A quick Review.

There are a lot of dress up games available that you can play for free on the web. Why should this one be any different? I’ll give you two words… SAILOR MOON! In this amazing dress up game, you get to dress up Sailor Moon herself! Is this heaven? That is pretty impressive by itself, but what if I were to tell you that the dress up fun does not stop here? Because, my fellow manga enthusiast, this is a mega pack of Sailor Moon dress up! Not only do you dress up Usagi Tsukino, but you get to dress up Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter! The only way this game could have been any better is if someone included Sailor Uranus! And because this is the official Sailor Moon dress up game, all of your dress up action is in beautifully rendered graphics! No shoddy cut and paste job here sir! Every single character is in pristine HD quality, for your enjoyment!
Start your dress up fun with your prefered Sailor wearing only a skimpy bathing suit. No pick any of ten uniquely designed outfits! You need to look good in your quest for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Then proceed to stage two where you get to choose between 16, yes 16, different pairs of boots and gloves! The customization in this game is of the hook! Lastly, decide on the finishing effects of your Sailor Scout’s look, by giving her wings, a cat, or a decidedly confused looking child (I assume it’s Sailor Chibi Moon, but I can’t be entirely sure…) to accompany her on her journeys! After playing this game I have come to realise that I have never really known love before...

sailor moon dress up sailor moon

This isn't even my final form yet!

A Brief History Of Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon first made here appearance as a shojo manga series in 1991, debuting as Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn - literally translated as Pretty Sailor Moon, and went on to entertain audiences of varying ages up until 1997. This Manga Series saw the publication of a staggering 52 chapters in 18 volumes! The creator, Naoko Takeuchi oversaw the development from start to finish, confessing that Sailor Moon is by far his most beloved character of all those he ever created.

The Series follows a school girl, Usagi Tsukino, who becomes Sailor Moon after receiving a magical brooch from a talkative cat. As far as manga origin stories goes, this is still pretty tame. Sailor Moon becomes a force of justice in her never ending quest for an ancient artifact, the gloriously named Legendary Silver Crystal. Together with her Sailor Scouts she leads the Battle for this artifact and tries to prevent its theft once they find it. The odds are pretty stacked though, seeing is the list of villains trying to get their filthy clutches on it is seemingly endless and just one slip up from Sailor Moon and her team will result in the destruction of the solar system.

sailor moon dress up sailor mars

Red is definitely your color Mars!

The Original Manga series was adapted into an anime series which was subsequently produced by the legendary anime studios, Toei Animation, the same company that brought us Dragon Ball GT, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! It was initially broadcasted from 1992- 1997 with various other versions being developed as time went on. These included three films and even a live action television adaptation!

Secrets and Trivia

Come with us now as we delve into some secrets and trivia and broaden your knowledge of the ever popular Sailor Moon Series!

Sailor Earth

If you ever wondered why the imaginatively named Tuxedo Mask is the only male to possess a sailor crystal, wonder no more! He’s actually Sailor Earth! His Japanese name, Chiba Mamoru, translates to Guardian of Earth and Naoko Takeuchi has confirmed that the crystal he holds is the Starseed of Earth.

Cat Aliens

Some people incorrectly refer to the cats (Luna, Artemis, and Diana) in Sailor Moon as familiars, implying that they are some kind of magical conduit of creatures. This is incorrect, they are in fact aliens. Aliens that can take on human form and guide the Sailor Scouts whenever they are needed. It’s also a little known fact that most real life cats are aliens. Aliens send here to live off the gullibility of the human race…

Sailor’s Cafe

If you are a Sailor Moon fan and a finer discerner of the culinary arts, be sure to vist Sailor’s Cafe in Japan. In this delectable little haunt you’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of dishes inspired by the manga series. Can anyone say “One Luna Burger, with a side of Sailor Crystal fries coming up!”?

sailor moon dress up sailor jupiter

Jupiter has always been my favourite!

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