Run Into Death

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Run Into Death
2.9 (58.57%) 42 votes

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Run Into Death is a simple and terrifyingly intense zombie shooter game. Take charge of a stationary shooter sporting a ten-shot revolver to mow down hordes of rapidly approaching zombies. Make sure you hit them from afar – these guys aren’t like Night of the Undead, they’re full-blown¬†28 Days Later sprinting rage-fuelled death machines that will charge at you in hordes from out of the fog.

Take them out from a distance and your job will be much easier. Miss a single shot and the rest be ever closer to ripping your face off with blunt rotting teeth! Make sure you reload instantly by clicking the reload icon in the centre of the screen. A poorly timed reload we mean the difference between life and death.

Look, it’s John the mechanic charging toward you while frothing at the mouth… Take him down! No mercy in Run Into Death – it’s kill or be killed in this intense action shooter game.

The graphics are simple but get the job done. Everything is black and white, and foggy. The zombies appear as small dots quickly getting bigger and bigger as they emerge from a black tree line. If you let enough zombies hit you then the screen will turn into a zombie’s face about to rip you apart, limb from limb. Try not to die.

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Available on: Web Browser

Run Into Death
2.9 (58.57%) 42 votes
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