Police Car

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Police Car
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Police Car is a tricky free online car game where you must navigate a busy highway. You’re a police officer. There’s been a burglary a state over, and due to a recent spate of petty thefts, you’re the nearest available squad car. If you don’t get there quickly it’s expected that the busted-open safe at the local bank will fall prey not only to sneaky robbers but a horde of ordinary townspeople who’ve spotted an opportunity to make off with some jewelry, family heirlooms, and gold doubloons. You’re an experienced officer with several years behind the wheel, but due to a huge country fair happening in the gardens of a rich local farmer, the roads are rammed full of cars.

Don’t damage the car.

Don’t damage your squadmates.

Don’t kill any civilians.

Get to the bank on time.

Fast-paced, intense, and shocking to its very core, Police Car is a hardcore Car Game which will test every fiber of your constitution. Wade through the traffic, shout at idiotic drivers through gritted teeth and think of the sweet, sweet, sweet donut waiting for you on the other end. You might even be able to help yourself to a necklace or two from the pile of discarded wealth…

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Police Car
2.8 (56.15%) 26 votes
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