Penalty Kick

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Penalty Kick
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Let’s try play Penalty Kick

This simple football game is exactly what you need to burn ten minutes in the office or at home. The aim is to score as many penalties as possible in 15 shots. Use your mouse to control the power and direction of the ball, and use combinations as you go along to fool the goalie.

Shoot hard in the left corner, then gently put it straight into the centre of the goal while he dives across to the right. The more you get in in succession, the more points you score. Make your first mission getting more than 1000 points, then challenge your friends to see if they can beat your score.

This simple game will be loved by football fanatics, regardless of where your team is based. The intense pressure of getting the early shots in the goal will mount as you try ever harder to beat your previous score. This single-player sports game is great for some personal competition.

Don’t let the goalie block you off too many times or you’ll inevitably fail to match it. Also, be careful not to strike too hard, otherwise the ball will go over, or be out. See if you can get every one of your 15 balls in the net.

Penalty Kick
3.7 (73.33%) 48 votes
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