Parking in London

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Parking in London
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The Parking in London game is an epic crazy parking game where your mission is to throw your car into a parking space. It doesn’t matter if you blow up other cars in the process, or if you end parking upside-down. Parking in London is the closest you’ll get to parking a car in the real-life capital of the UK, where cars can commonly be seen catapulting themselves through the air into multi-storey car parks and simply blowing up other vehicles in order to free up a parking space.

If you like car games, puzzle games, or just challenging games that make you think, then Parking in London is worth a try. But it’s not as simple as a three-point-turn…

To master this car game you’ll have to get the technique right. You drag your mouse to build up power before slinging the car across the screen. When doing this, if you need to travel a long distance, try dragging the mouse very quickly in the direction you want to fly and release immediately. This will give your car a lot more momentum. Also, beware, you only have enough fuel to throw your car a few times.

Car games like this are ideal car games for kids to play. Try it n0w.

Parking in London
4.2 (83.33%) 6 votes
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