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Let’s Go Jaywalking
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Let's Go Jaywalking Is the Free Online Game That Teaches You How to Survive

Play the hottest new concentration game, Let’s Go Jaywalking unblocked at school. What better way to spend your day than imagining how you might get mashed on your way home this afternoon? Maybe then your parent will regret how hard on you they were after you failed that last math test. You don’t even plan on using match in your future! You want to be a movie star. What a waste of time this whole school thing is, huh?

Jaywalking. It’s something we’ve all done at least once. No matter how patient, or law-abiding, everyone has crossed the street illegally for one reason or another. Maybe the bus was on its way and you knew the light wouldn’t get you across the street in time. Maybe the traffic was light that day and you figured instead of waiting around at the crosswalk like some plebeian you would just cross and get a move on with your day. Regardless of why, jaywalking is something that everyone can relate to, and for that reason, it is a great video game theme.

In the Let’s Go Jaywalking game your objective is to work your way across a daunting stretch of highway with cars and buses speeding by with no regard for human life. The most challenging part of this game is that you aren’t responsible for just one life, but instead the lives of 25 brave stickmen. Can you get them all across the street safely? The quicker you can accomplish your task, the more points you will be rewarded with.

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Get started jaywalking now for the thrill of a lifetime.

Where Did Jaywalking Come from and When Will the Madness End?

First, let’s take a look back at the history of jaywalking. When did it start, and why? You can imagine that in prehistoric times, there were no roads to jaywalk across at all. Therefore, the entire concept of crossing a street, let alone illegally, is an incredibly new one. For hundreds of thousands of years humans have been wandering freely, and now, seemingly out of nowhere, they are expected to look out for rapidly approaching, multi-ton vehicles? It’s no wonder there are so many accidents. Let’s Go Jaywalking looks more and more like a game that reflects our reality rather than distorts it in any way.

One can imagine that even as recently as 200 years ago, the most a person had to fear while crossing the street was a horse-drawn buggy. Things moved slower back then. You had time to stop in the road and chat with the locals or exchange a handshake. Perhaps you would ask about the family and get caught up on day-to-day news. But everything changed with the advent of the automobile. Now, roads are no longer a place to stop and chat. On the contrary, they are barely a place to step foot at all. Our relationships with roads now are similar to our relationship with streams of lava: get across it as quickly as possible or face the consequences.

lets go jaywalking history

Historic anti-jaywalking posters from the 1900s prove the problem is not a new one.

The word ‘Jaywalking’ was actually derived from an insult used towards those crossing the street unlawfully. A ‘Jay’ was a pejorative term for anyone inexperienced at performing a task. The origin of the word dates all the way back the early 1900s when automobiles were first becoming popular. An interesting note is that it was not just slang used by people on the street, but was actually endorsed by government agencies. You can still find examples like the poster above. Now the term has become part of a standard English lexicon and can even be seen in simple flash games like the Let’s Go Jaywalking game.

lets go jaywalking blood

That's a lot of blood for a harmless feat like crossing the road...

Is It Really Dangerous to Jaywalk If so Many People Do It Each Year?

It may seem harmless, and in reality, it is relatively harmless when compared to gauntlet of other dangerous activities we perform on a daily basis, but fatalities still occur. In the US alone, it is estimated that 6000 people are killed each year via jaywalking accidents. To put that into perspective, it is also estimated that around 6000 people die each year from getting hit by lightning. So, in reality, it is not likely to happen to you. The issue is certainly not as prevalent as it appears to be when you play Let’s Go Jaywalking.

The real danger is in the fact that we jaywalk so often and so casually. It is seen as a regular part of most peoples’ day. If you need to get across the street quickly, in all likelihood, you are going to be jaywalking.

lets go jaywalking score

How many can you save? And how long will it take you?

Hints and Tips

The concept and gameplay of Let’s Go Jaywalking is actually quite simple. All you need to do is use the arrow keys or WASD to move around and the space bar to jump. Your goal is to get across the road without getting mashed. If you ever played Frogger, you should already have a pretty good idea of the kinds of techniques you need to use to be successful in this game. In case you haven’t, here’s a breakdown.

Speed is not your friend. While it may seem like a good idea to bolt as quickly as possible to get to the other side of the road, this more often than not leads to you becoming a length bloodstain on an otherwise spotless highway. To get across the road you’ll need timing and backtracking. Move forward when you have the chance, but don’t be afraid to concede ground when you have no room to move forward. Slow and steady wins the race. And stays alive in this case.

The next thing you should keep in mind while playing Let’s Go Jaywalking online is that there is a speed power-up in the game. It looks like a tiny floating boot with wings on either side. Pick up this power up to get a huge speed boost. One important thing to remember about this speed boost is that it carries over to the other pedestrians. That is to say, once the pedestrian with the boost reaches the other side of the road, the next pedestrian in line will also get the power up. Even if your pedestrians die while traversing this deadly roadway, the other pedestrians will continue to get the power up. Get as many people across as possible while you have the power up on your side.

While warm bodies on the safe side of the road will earn you points, so will a speedy execution. Be safe, but move as quickly as possible to get all of the pedestrians to the other side of the road. If you put up a high enough score, perhaps your friends and family will respect you again!


While we can’t endorse any real-life jaywalking, we do encourage you to check out, Let’s Go Jaywalking free today to get all the same thrills while avoiding the potential death and dismemberment. Stay safe, remember your history lesson about the word ‘jaywalking’ and remind your friends that 6000 people a year die while executing this seemingly mundane task.

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