Foxy Games

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Foxy Games
3.6 (72.55%) 102 votes

Game controls

Player 1:
space Zoom In/Out


Foxy Sniper features easy to use controls and an infinite number of bad guys for you to neutralize. Controls are simple: Spacebar to zoom and aim and shoot with your mouse. Be careful not to shoot any hostages.

If you have ever wondered about the life of a Navy Seal you will love Foxy Sniper. Now you can control a hot sniper girl and save the world. Who knew sniping could be so easy? Simply look down the scope and find the bad guys. Find every enemy on the map and save any hostages to beat the level. If you are someone who loves a backstory and wants to know exactly who they are killing and why then you’ll love the headquarters aspect of Foxy Sniper. Get briefing for each mission so you can understand the importance of your steady aim. Get out there and take some heads off

Foxy Games
3.6 (72.55%) 102 votes
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