Flower Pocket

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Flower Pocket
2.7 (53.33%) 45 votes

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In Flower Pocket pocket as many flowers as you can. Picture it. Walking through the woods when a clearing opens up ahead between the tree beams, and a patch of light illuminates the oasis in front of you. Footsteps cause the butterflies to disperse and a blur of colour signifies the baby deer galloping off out of sight. The soft sponge floor feels pleasant enough to sleep on. The seasons have changed and flowers are falling from the sky through the gap in the foliage. Dreamy. Thank god there is a basket available. It’s an easy girls flower game.

Move your mouse along the bottom to move your basket and collect as many flowers as you can. But, be careful not to miss any or you will lose a life. Lose five lives and it’s game over.

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Available on: Web Browser

Flower Pocket
2.7 (53.33%) 45 votes
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