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Dragon Fist 3

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Dragon Fist 3
3.1 (61.29%) 31 votes

Game controls

Player 1:
t Punch
u Kick
y Weapon
Player 2:
4 Punch
5 Kick
6 Weapon


In Dragon Fist 3 the age of the warrior has just begun. The sun has set on the tranquil, the time for peace is over. Swords are unsheathed, shuriken sharpened, intentions have been laid bare. Do you have what it takes to become a legendary Shaolin Warrior? Choose your difficulty, and select your character before facing your adversaries in this action fighting blood battle.

Use A/D to move left and right, W/S to jump and block, and T/Y to punch and kick. Draw your weapon with U and master the variety of button combinations to make your opponent submit. Dragon Fist 3 is a single and two-player free online game by Ben Olding where you can hone your martial art weaponry skill and become a champion in the East.

Best Features of Dragon Fist 3:

– Hyper-Realistic Combat
– 32 Unique Characters
– Epic Tournament Mode

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Dragon Fist 3
3.1 (61.29%) 31 votes

How to Play


Dragon Fist 3 Will Kick Your Love of Free Fighting Games into Overdrive

Looking for a free fighting game? Look no further than Dragon Fist 3 online. Although this game may appear graphically simple, do not let your eyes deceive you. A true warrior can feel with his heart, and sense with his spirit.

Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior features 32 playable characters that each rely on different move sets, fighting styles, and even weight. There is so much room for skill mastery in this is game, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t become a competitive game with millions of followers yet. Checking out all the amazing features of this game will easily buy you several days of entertainment at minimum. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly makes this Dragon Fist 3 game so compelling.

dragon fist menu

How many great Kung Fu homages can you spot?

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

The first thing that players will notice is that all of the playable characters in this fighting game seem vaguely familiar. That’s the intention behind their designs. Although they are crudely crafted, and their names have been changed, all of these character models are based on real life fighting icons! Being able to play as real, relatable characters has a gravitational effect on players. Where other fighting games might have a slew of new characters with flashy appearances, Dragon Fist draws in it’s fans with familiarity.

Some of the models are obvious to even casual Kung Fu movie fans, such as Bruce Lee in his memorable, yellow body suit. Others might leave even the most hardcore movie buffs scratching their heads a popping in old VHS tapes to jog their memories. Being able to play as these iconic movie heroes, and pull of move combinations reminiscent of their films brings an added level of playability to this game that other fighting games online simply cannot match.

kung fu stars

Representations of some of the most iconic warriors of all time can be found in this epic game.

Special Features of a Special Game

This game features a huge roster of characters to experiment with. Most of them employ totally unique fighting stances, moves, specials and costumes. Different fighters even have independent “gravity” settings which effects how high they jump and how floaty they feel while in the air. This is an important feature to focus on because many fighting games feature much smaller rosters - maybe 6-12 characters. Even then, many of the characters may rely of the same move sets, or even look like clones of each other with slightly altered color schemes. Think about how the original Mortal Kombat games used the same skin for Scorpion, Reptile, Sub Zero, and others. Also, remember how Street Fighter bolstered their roster by having multiple characters like Ken and Ryu, but only one fully developed fighting style and move set.

Play Dragon Fist 3 free and experience all the uniquely tailored characters through countless battles on your way to becoming champion. You can enter tournaments of anywhere from ten, to forty matches to prove your mastery. Keep in mind that enemies will get slightly harder with each level of progression. If you can beat all forty adversaries in a row, you will have truly proven yourself a Dragon Fist 3 master.

The last enticing feature that needs mentioning is the weapon system. If the distinct fighting styles and special moves of all of these characters wasn’t enough, there are also a number of classic weapons to arm your fighter with. From curved swords, to nun-chucks and spears, there is no shortage of memorable armaments. The game features a clever mechanic that even allows you to disarm your opponents, and pick their weapons up off of the ground to use for yourself. Once again, each weapon has a distinguishable style, and benefits the fighter in different situations. Knowing how to best employ your move set in conjunction with your weapons is the only way to reach mastery!

Finally, when you feel like you have bested the greatest AI that the game can throw at you, it’s time to take the fight to human adversaries. Play Dragon Fist 3 two player mode to reach your full potential, and prove you are the champion.

dragon fist gurmit

Just look at all those options!

Character Creation Has Never Felt so Complete

The Dragon Fist 3 character editor feels like a gift from the Kung Fu Gods themselves. This game already offers so many distinct fighters on its own that you could spend weeks learning and mastering them all. Adding a character creator adds a whole new level to perfecting your craft. Whether you have just gotten into the game and just want to make a flashy looking character, or have already mastered the game and now want to craft the perfect killing machine made to your exact specifications, this character creator tacks on innumerable more hours of fun.

The level of customization in Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior is surprisingly deep. You can of course set the look of your character and arm them with whichever fighting style suits you best, but it doesn’t end there. The special moves are independent of the fighting styles, so you can mix and match special moves to compliment your style. In addition, you can choose any of the weapons in the game to render your fighter utterly ferocious.

Lastly, you can even customize the “gravity” of your fighter. This means you can make them a floaty, air-combat centered warrior, or a heavy, ground based killer. The number of options available to you ensures that your final creation will completely unique and attuned to your style.

dragon fist fight boss

Epic 2D battles against worthy opponents!

Hints & Tips to Help You Along the Warrior's Path

To become the master of Dragon Fist 3, you will first need to experiment with the entire arsenal offered to you. This could take a while, but it’s the best way to find out what suits you best. Play around in practice mode, or even play through some quick ten-man-tournaments with each fighter to test out their move sets and fighting styles. Even if you don’t end up liking a character enough to play them again the future, you will at least understand their moves an potential. Nothing is more valuable than knowing your opponents in the heat of battle.

The next tip that will help you achieve pro status in this 2D fighting game is practicing patience. Much like in the old Kung Fu movies themselves, it behooves you to lay in ambush and let your enemies come to you. When fighting the AI adversaries in this game, you will quickly notice how aggressive they are. Often times, all you need to do to beat an over-eager AI is wait for them to approach, give them a spinning back kick to the head knocking them back, rinse, and repeat. Getting too cocky and leaping into combat will leave you exposed to lead to your demise.

Another helpful tip when facing the AI in this fighting game is to use your weapons sparingly. It can tempting to whip out your humongous swords and start hacking, but the AI is annoyingly adept and moving in and disarming you. Once they’ve disarmed you, they mindlessly go to pick up your weapons to use them against you. Even if you disarm them in return, they keep going for your weapons incessantly if they are laying on the ground. To avoid this annoyance, it is best to keep your blades sheathed until the fight is approaching its conclusion. Once your opponent is bloodied, and you’ve “got them on the ropes”, put out your tools to quickly finish the job.


With a high skill cap and unrivaled customization, Dragon Fist 3 makes a case for being the best free fighting game online. Give it a shot today and see what all the excitement is about. In no time at all you’ll be dying to tell your friends about the legend of Dragon Fist 3.

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