Cars 3D Racing

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Cars 3D Racing
2.5 (49.64%) 56 votes

Game controls

Player 1:
al Left
ar Right
au Accelerate
ad Brake
x Nitro
z Drift
esc Pause
ent Menu


Cars 3D Racing is a simple and effective car driving game that puts you behind the wheel of one of the characters from the Disney Cars movie. Speed past your opponents, drift around corners by pressing ‘Z’ and use nitro to accelerate¬†faster by pressing ‘X’. This game has simple controls and will leave you craving more and more racing action.

Make sure to use your nitrous on straights to overtake your opponents, and drift around corners to get around them faster. Unlike other racing games, Cars 3D Racing makes drifting around corners very smooth and leaves little room for mistakes – you won’t have to worry about flying straight into a tree every time you try to drift – the game has already ensured that you can keep on track with its easy control system.

You can choose to play a career game, where you’ll have to win racers over a time to upgrade and advance, or in a single race, where you take on bots for a one-time-only experience. You can also do a time trial that challenges you to complete a certain amount of laps in a given time.

Cars 3D Racing is a great way to spend some time if you like high-adrenaline racing games.

Cars 3D Racing
2.5 (49.64%) 56 votes
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