Car Driver

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Car Driver
3.4 (68.42%) 19 votes

Game controls

Player 1:
al Left
ar Right
space Jump


The Car Driver game is a simple and fun driving game to play in your free time. The game is very similar to Frogger – the classic flash game where you have to leap over cars. In Car Driver, you’ll have to dodge and jump over approaching cars and avoid hitting them. The game has no fixed goal so you can simply keep driving until your heart’s content – and when you get bored you can just smash into the back of someone and die.

Car Driver is one of the simplest car games out there. The car doesn’t change speed, even as you progress through the game, meaning there is very little challenge – you could say this game is more about meditation that competition.

The car driving simulator is ideal for anyone who wants to refresh their mind while on a break and think about nothing. This simple arcade driving game will probably not hold up to massive replay value, but if you’re looking for a simple car driving simulator in a Frogger game style, then check this one out for a few minutes and see how high your score can go.

If you’re looking for something more intense, then check out our other driving games – especially Taxi Gone Wild.

Car Driver
3.4 (68.42%) 19 votes
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