Bullet Fury

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Bullet Fury
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This is Bullet Fury. You’re in some kind of lab, there are containers full of water and everything is metal. It looks like a James’s Bond Villain’s lair and there are 75 soldiers between you and the exit. I think you know the drill, it’s your classic first-person shooting gun game. Meet their heads in the crosshair of your rifle and splatter the walls with blood to find your way out.

In this first-person single-player gun game,  kill as many guards as possible to get the high score. Sneak around corners and watch out for armed guards laying in wait. This game reminds us a little of Goldeneye, mostly because of the ever-so-slightly clunky movement and shooting mechanics. We sort of like how it feels like you’re rolling along a rail while you shoot, though it doesn’t match up to never 3D FPS games available for your web browser.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Bullet Fury
2.3 (46.09%) 46 votes
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