Ben 10

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Ben 10
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Ben 10 Wanted 2 is a free online Aim and Driving game. Based on the Universe of Ben 10, jump behind the wheel of Ben 10’s car and shoot down bad guys cars and helicopters. The levels get progressively harder, from erratic helicopters to bullet-proof cars, you’ll need a combination of good Aim and plenty of Driving skills to succeed.

What is Ben 10? Ben is a boy who collects monsters and aliens in a watch he wears around his wrist. Pretty cruel, right? Not really. These are some bad boogers he’s busting up inside his boogie-watch. Now some evil guys are after your watch and all the evil lurking inside of it. You’ll have to escape otherwise the world WILL LITERALLY END IN A HORRIBLE BALL OF FIRE.

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Ben 10
3 (60%) 19 votes
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