Ben 10 Car Game

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Ben 10 Car Game
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Race against other drivers in this Ben 10 Car Game. Crash, bash and smash your way through your opponents in Ben 10 Car Game. This free online Driving & Racing game is inspired by the world of Ben 10, the popular kid’s cartoon show that has, for years, inspired a generation of kids to capture monsters & aliens inside glowing watches. Nice.

A continuous Racing game, there are multiple levels to complete and they get progressively harder as the game goes on. You’ll need to keep all your wits and strengths about you to win over and over again. Even if you hit the impressive 1 star, you’ve got another 2 stars to go before you’ve aced the game. Knock other cars out of the way and collect power-ups to get to the front of the race. Ben 10 Car Game is a fun way to pass time, especially if you love the Ben 10 show.

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Browser, mobile browser, App Store

Game Features

  • Intense racing action with progressively difficult levels and power-ups
  • Fun Ben 10 setting, awesome if you love the Ben 10 Universe
Ben 10 Car Game
2.9 (57%) 40 votes
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