Battle Gear

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Battle Gear
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In Battle Gear all-out war has taken hold of the world. Dust clouds color the sky, rubble settles the horizon, bodies litter the ground as engines roar and the metal gears of battle slowly turn the clockwork nations into action. Armies have laid siege to the land of Europe in ‘campaign one’, and sea battles are waged all along the Pacific sea in ‘campaign two’. Select your difficulty and prepare for 16 waves of all-out total war.

What’s that soldier? How do you play? Select a range of infantry, artillery, and air force types and click and point them tactically on the map in order to defend from the oncoming onslaught. Unlock turrets, towers, and specials as you defend your position and march yours through the campaigns.

In this strategy defense game developed by Belugerin Games and artwork by Awaken Dreams Studio, see if you have the metal to hold yourself together in an all-out defense against the red heat of battle.

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Battle Gear
2.4 (48.47%) 170 votes
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