2 Cars

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2 Cars

Game controls

Player 1:
al Move
Player 2:
al Move


2 Cars is a free online Car game which is as much as a Puzzle as it is about cars. Using just two keys on your keyboard you have to navigate 2 cars along a road, both collecting and dodging shapes that come flying at you. It’s a little like trying to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time: really difficult, until you master it. You’ll have to concentrate a lot and practice with your key-skills so you can effectively get your cars to the end of the course. Or at least, set an impressive high score. You will be tested thoroughly in this online game. Are you able to focus on two things at once? Try 2 Cars now to see if you’re able!

Listen out for the hardcore theme song, by the way. It’ll get you pumped for the challenging 2 Cars. You’ll also notice that the game is built in WebGL, so it runs generally a bit faster than HTML or Flash equivalents of similar games. We recommend 2 Cars if you’re looking for a challenge and smooth free online game experience all around.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

2 Cars